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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How often should my extinguisher be serviced?

Once a year from installation date by a competent person.

Q: How often do extinguishers need replacing?

Carbon Dioxide need replacing every 10 years. Water, Foam, Powder and Class F need test discharging every 5 years.

Q: Why does my current supplier keep replacing extinguisher?

This is probably because the extinguisher needs it’s 5 yearly test discharge and many companies out there just replace.

Q: The internet is so cheap! Why should I choose CF International?

Yes they are cheap but you will still need the extinguishers commissioned or this will incur costs. Most extinguisher sent out by online companies will come boxed up and many people do not realise hoses and horns need to be tightened up. In addition to this they do not offer the same guarantee or non efficacy insurance in case of failure to operate.

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